GEOSS Infrastructure Enhancements
- Outcomes of the Architecture Implementation Pilot AIP-4 and the Sprint to Plenary (StP) Activities -

Overview of AIP-4

AIP-4 is the fourth in the series of GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilots, initiated to develop and pilot a new process and infrastructure components for the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) and the broader GEOSS architecture through an evolutionary development process.

AIP-4 increased the accessibility of GEOSS datasets identified as supporting Critical Earth Observation Priorities by the GEO User Interface Committee (UIC) and increased the use of the data through promoting availability of new data services, clients, and applications building on accomplishments of prior AIP phases.

AIP-4 focused on enabling key global EO data sources with standard service interfaces and generalized clients, supporting brokered search, and supporting community publisher and user requirements through integration with the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI). The AIP-4 Call for Participation can be found here.

AIP-4 was organized in two major activities:

  • Activity #1 focused on increasing the accessibility of Priority EO Observations as identified by the GEO User Interface Committee.
  • Activity #2 focused on Application Clients, Community Portals, and Mediation tier components development to improve the exploitation of datasets provided through the GCI.

Overview of Sprint to Plenary (StP)

The Sprint to Plenary emerged as a result of the ADC Meeting in Brazil resolving to adopt a modified approach in demonstrating value of GEOSS to share with the Plenary in November 2011, focusing on evolving from search to EO data access; simplifying registration, discovery and access; enabling/integrating access to key inventories; and highlighting critical EO Priorities and Data-CORE.

The StP action plan consisted of:

  • Developing a vocabularly of EO observational parameters
  • Identifying, accessing, and prioritizing data sets supporting
    priority EO Parameters
  • Engaging data providers in enabling online access
  • Integrating selected features of FedEO, GENESI-DR,
    and EuroGEOSS into GCI
  • Completing GCI upgrades for the Plenary
  • Packaging demonstration and testing for Plenary