OGC Innovation Program Pool (IP Pool)

The OGC Innovation Program (IP) provides a collaborative agile process for solving geospatial challenges. Organizations (sponsors and technology implementers) come together to solve problems, produce prototypes, develop demonstrations, provide best practices, and advance the future of standards. OGC has run over 120 Innovation Program initiatives. Some initiatives rely on non-ogc staff experts to help coordinate the technical work or conduct initiatives. These experts, are part of the IP Pool and get subcontracted by OGC when there are specific needs. The IP Pool is composed of a set of companies, universities, and independent consultants that have been pre-qualified to be part of future Open Geospatial Consortium Innovation Program Team (IP Team) activities.

IP Pool Members

Brainwaive LLC
CubeWerx Inc.
GeoSolutions SAS
Health Solutions Research
Helyx SIS
IIC Technologies
Jacobs University
PEREY Research & Consulting
Roger Brackin
Universidad de Zaragoza - IAAA
University of Cergy Pontoise, France


To become part of the IP Pool please review the Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) document and respond to this form. Note: OGC reserves the option to add or remove organizations from the IP Pool at any time. More information contact Luis E. Bermudez, Executive Director of the OGC Innovation Program (lbermudez@opengeospatial.org).