OGC Web Services Initiative, Phase 1.1

Testbed. After the events of September 11, the OWS 1.1 sponsors agreed to align OWS 1.1 to address interoperability challenges defined by officials in New York City. The OWS 1.1 demonstration scenario developed by the sponsors challenged participating technology developers and integrators to implement interoperability capabilities that address specific critical disaster management needs involving New York City data. Specification development focused on: OGC Common Architecture, Web Mapping, Imagery Exploitation and Sensor Web. OWS-1 was conducted as part of an integrated set of OGC Interoperability Initiatives that included the Military Pilot Project, Phase 1 (MPP-1), the Open Location Services Initiative, the Multi-hazard Mapping Initiative, Phase 1 (MMI-1) and other activities. OWS-1 Thread Set 1 ended in February 2002 with a demonstration of the capabilities that had been developed.