Open Location Services Testbed

The OpenLS Testbed yielded Interoperability Program Reports (IPRs) that have become approved OpenGISĀ® Specifications in support of interoperable Location Based Services to be made available through mobile terminals. The OpenLS Testbed ended with a successful multi-vendor, specification-based mobile demonstration of these interfaces in action.

Testbed Sponsors included Hutchison 3G (UK), Oracle, Webraska (France), ESRI (US), Sun Microsystems (US) and In-Q-Tel (US).

Hundreds of companies comprise the LBS market world-wide, but most of their interlinked LBS business opportunities await consistent communication of location and time, route, types of service, etc. across different providers, technology platforms, application domains, classes of products, and national regions. Markets will materialize when vendors can build a rich profusion of commercial brands and proprietary products and services on top of an integrated standards infrastructure.

OpenLS Overview Image