NSDI Enterprise Architecture Support

The work to be performed by the OGC is in support of the Federal Geographic Data Committee Secretariat, Geographic Information Office, USGS. OGC will provide the following services designed to define and validate an inter-agency enterprise architecture applicable to a subset of US federal and non-federal organizations (and extensible to other organizations). The deliverables from this effort will be useable by the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) and its stakeholders as guidance and supportive documentation for input to the enterprise architecture programs at the federal level.

The specific government and non-government organizations for this project are to be agreed upon between the FGDC program manager and the OGC. In accordance with the Statement of Work prepared by the FGDC for this effort, OGC provides the following services / deliverables to meet the objectives of this contract:

1. Education, Outreach, and NSDI Enterprise Architecture Scoping / Concept Formation – OGC staff and members will conduct biweekly work sessions, with planning and facilitation support provided by FGDC consultants, to provide training on Enterprise Architecture (EA) concepts to include those of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA). Training will also include familiarization of participants on the use of popular EA software modeling tools such as METIS. OGC will also use these meetings to achieve a common understanding of terms and scope for the project, and to obtain information necessary to establish the basis for a NSDI enterprise architecture reference model consistent with FEA constructs. OGC will develop and refine an overall project plan for approval by the FGDC Program Manager, and will develop use case scenarios that address critical provider and user processes and the data behind them involving key stakeholder organizations. This task will be completed by January 31, 2005, and will utilize an open process to involve a diversity of qualified OGC member organizations in meeting task objectives.

2. Development of EA Reference Model Documentation - OGC, working with FGDC facilitators and the US Government and other representatives identified in task 1 above, along with the information acquired from task 1, will develop the following documents consistent with the form and format described for the FEA: a Business Reference Model (BRM), a Data and Information Reference Model (DRM), and a Technical Reference Model (TRM).

Through its Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group, OGC will assure open and broad participation of OGC industry, government and academic member organizations to obtain input and assessment of the developing reference architecture / model documentation. Documentation developed in this task will draw from discussions with designated participants, EA documentation provided by participants for their organizations, and interaction and documentation provided by designated non governmental representatives.

3. OGC will facilitate the validation and refinement of EA reference models through active prototyping of EA models as part of OGC’s Interoperability Program. OGC tasks will include the validation of reference models via OGC Interoperability Experiments that focus on Technology Integration Experiments (TIE) to validate and demonstrate the access to and application of multiple data and geospatial services identified in the NSDI EA, with update of reference models based on the experiences gained from the experiments.