North Rhein Westphalia Pilot

The North Rhein Westphalia Pilot Project (NRWPP) was part of a state-wide initiative of the German state of North Rhine Westphalia to establish solutions for network integrated geographic information systems, serving state, city and county offices as parts of the general geographic data infrastructure.

The Open GIS Consortium (Europe) Ltd. (OGCE) and the Landesvermessungsamt (Surveying and Mapping Agency) of the German State of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) collaborated to use OpenGIS Specification conformant commercial products. NRW and the City of Cologne executed the pilot and OGCE provided interoperability planning services.

NRW is unique in Germany because data for land ownership is managed not at the state level, but by large cities and counties. The variety of software tools used across the state provided extensive technological freedom, but made data sharing difficult. The project provided an integrated method to share and exploit land ownership records, base map information from the Landesvermessungsamt itself and several other departments in the city of Cologne. It also provided feedback into the OGC Specification Program. The participating departments did not need to change their existing software, but rather extended it to work with other software.