Land Information Initative, Phase 1

The LandXML schema facilitates the exchange of data created during the Land Planning, Civil Engineering and Land Survey process. More information concerning LandXML can be obtained from
Geography Markup Language is an XML grammar written in XML Schema for the modelling, transport, and storage of geographic information. More information concerning GML can be found at
The task of this work effort is to develop a transformation between LandXML 1.0 and GML 3.0, so that systems that can consume GML will be able to read data supplied in LandXML. This will be accomplished by first creating a GML Spplication Schema that will be able to model everything found in the LandXML schema, call it "LandGML" and by creating an XSL Stylesheet that can transform LandXML 1.0 instance documents into instance documents that confrom to the LandGML GML Application Schema.