Geospatial Fusion Testbed

Testbed. The 2000 Geospatial Fusion Testbed addressed standard ways of "fusing" disparate kinds of data into one spatial framework. Such data include text with embedded place names as well as video, sound, and photos whose metadata refer to "place." Through Geospatial Fusion, they can be geo-indexed, integrated with other spatial data, and shared across the Internet. The Testbed mainly addressed text, but OGC's specifications will accommodate the other kinds of data.

GFST produced the OpenGIS Gazetteer Service Interface Specification (GAZ) (Discussion Paper), the OpenGIS Geocoder Service Specification (Discussion Paper), the OpenGIS GeoParser Service Specification (Discussion Paper), and the OpenGIS Location Organizer Folder Specification - LOF (Discussion Paper).

In-Q-Tel sponsored the GFS Testbed project.