Geospatial Fusion Pilot Project

Pilot Project. The Geospatial Fusion Pilot Project (GFS-PP) implemented Geospatial Fusion Services capabilities in a user setting to apply geospatial data fusion to intelligence analysis and to demonstrate the utility and effectiveness of these new technologies.

"Geospatial Fusion" refers to making disparate kinds of data discoverable and accessible through one spatial framework. Such data includes text with embedded place names as well as video, sound, and photos whose metadata refer to "place." Through Geospatial Fusion, they can be geo-indexed, integrated with other spatial data, and shared across the Internet. OGC's OpenGIS Gazetteer Service Interface Specification (GAZ) (Discussion Paper), OpenGIS Geocoder Service Specification (Discussion Paper), OpenGIS GeoParser Service Specification (Discussion Paper), and the OpenGIS Location Organizer Folder Specification - LOF (Discussion Paper) propose a standards framework for Geospatial Fusion.