Fusion Standards Study, Part 1

The Fusion Standards Study Phase 1 was sponsored by the US National Geointelligence Agency (NGA).

RFI Clarifications - 29 July 2009

Several Clarifications of the RFI have been developed.  These clarifications will be updated regularly as the RFI remains open


RFI Clarification Telecon - 28 July 2009

An RFI Clarification Conference Call will be held on 28 July 2009, 11:00 am EDT.  Logistics are provided below.

The Telecon will include a short overview of the RFI by OGC and then will seek discussion from the teleconference participants. As of 24 hours before the conference call, no questions or requests for clarification have been received.  For those who are unable to attend the call, we will post a summary of the questions and clarifications addressed during the conference call the day following.


- To join the teleconference use this dial-in information: +1 512 225 3050 passcode: 55699#.

- To join the Webex session: 
1. Go to https://opengeospatial.webex.com/opengeospatial/j.php?ED=114548557&UID=0...
2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Enter the meeting password: FusionRFI28
4. Click "Join Now".




Request For Information - 16 July 2009


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit industry input into a Fusion Standards Study to be conducted in preparation for the planned OGC Web Services, Phase 7 (OWS-7) Testbed. OGC also seeks to establish alliances with other Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) having technology relevant to fusion.

In the context of this RFI, "Fusion is the act or process of combining two or more pieces of data or information regarding one or more entities in order to improve the capability for detection, identification, or characterization of that entity".

This RFI is based on requirements and contributions from several OGC Member organizations, including the National Geospatial-intelligence Agency (NGA), BAE Systems - C3I Systems, and Lockheed Martin.

The request is published on this RFI web page.  Responses are due by 12 August 2009.


Initial Task Description - June 2009

The OGC will review existing geospatial standards that support fusion interoperability requirements for data formats, data exchange, fusion processes, and data outputs including visualization to determine if these standards provide complete standards coverage in support of the Fusion objectives.  The main result will be an identification of existing standards and a plan for evaluating the standards through a testbed process, e.g., OWS-7.  

The OGC will conduct a market research survey of the current state of web services standards and OGC member implementations (commercial and open source) to determine the as-is level of support for the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance program.  This market survey shall identify the level of maturity of identified standards and implementations to include any previous testing of these standards and services which may have occurred as part of the OGC interoperability program such as testbeds, interoperability experiments, etc. The market survey will be implemented as a Request For Information (RFI) that is announced widely.

The OGC will provide a survey summary report identifying those areas where investments could be made to further the interoperability of data types in support of fusion processes.  The OGC will identify and recommend existing draft OGC standards, OGC Best Practice, OGC Discussion Papers applicable to automated processing and fusion of data. The report will also consider standards by other standards bodies.  The OGC will recommend steps for moving each of these documents to OGC standards if applicable.  In addition to recommendations on existing standards The OGC will define and recommend the need for future OGC standards development or integration of other standards