Earth Observation Applications Pilot

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) is releasing this Call for Participation ("CFP") to solicit proposals for the OGC Earth Observation Applications Pilot (also called "Initiative" or just "Pilot"). The goal of the pilot is to evaluate the maturity of the Earth Observation Applications-to-the-Data specifications that has been developed over the last two years as part of various OGC Innovation Program (IP) initiatives in a real world environment. ‘Real world’ includes integration of the architecture in an environment requiring authenticated user identity, access controls and billing for resources consumed.

The Call for Participation is now availble online. A PDF version of the call is available online as well. Deadline for proposals: December 11, 2019!

The pilot consists of two phases: 

Phase 1 invites application developers that work with Earth observation satellite data to join a requirements definition workshop. The objective of this workshop is to understand the exact requirements of application developers in terms of data discovery, data loading, data processing, and result delivery. The results from this requirements gathering will define the implementation evaluation and performance criteria.

Phase 2 invites earth observation platform operators to implement the OGC Earth Observation Applications Pilot architecture as it has been defined in previous IP initiatives. The implementation shall take P1 results into account. In essence, this requires implementing two Web API endpoints to allow the registration, deployment and execution of new processes on the platform. Meanwhile, application developers implement their cases (defined in Phase 1) to provide test cases for the architecture.