Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiative, Phase 1.2

The Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiative Phase 1, Requirement Set 2 (CIPI-1.2) is a pilot project sponsored by the US Census Bureau that leverages the success of previous and ongoing OGC initiatives to improve interoperability across communities that need to collaborate to detect, prevent, plan for, respond to, and recover from natural and human threats to telecommunications, water resources, oil and gas, government, transportation, emergency response, electric power and health services infrastructure. A collaborative effort, CIPI is being conducted in coordination with federal, state, local government, commercial, and non-government Sponsors. CIPI will also identify requirements for new specifications to advance plug and play interoperability for critical infrastructure protection.

The work on CIPI 1.2 has produced Draft Interoperability Reports on the following subjects:

  1. GML 3 Level 0 Profile
  2. GML Complex Geometries and Topologies
  3. Schema Translation
  4. Information Security

CIPI 1.2 also stood up a DOD node that provides the following OGC Web Services:

  1. Web Map Servers with Style Layer Descriptors
  2. Web Feature Servers - Transactional
  3. Web Terrain Servers
  4. Web Annotation Servers
  5. Service And Data Registries, and
  6. Application Clients

CIPI 1.2 Overview Image