Electromagnetic Spectrum DWG


McKee, Lance (McKee, Lance)
Maso Pau, Joan (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (CREAF))

Group Charter:

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Group Description:

The OGC Electromagnetic Spectrum Domain Working Group (EM Spectrum DWG) consists of OGC members representing the interests of multiple communities that would benefit from having a common international standard data model and derived encoding(s) for environmental electromagnetic fields. These communities operate in various market and application domains. Members of the OGC EM Spectrum DWG come mainly from the remote sensing, electromagnetic compatibility, and wireless communications communities, but we invite representation from other communities, such as the spectrography, astrophysics, geomagnetism and astronomy communities.

Despite the fact that these domains are distinct domains and markets with different user requirements, business requirements, and approaches to vendors, they all have in common:

1)     A set of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) data definitions, structure and syntax that are almost universally accepted and that are based on well-known laws of physics that pertain to the electromagnetic spectrum

2)     A set of primary and derived SI units associated to those data definitions for communicating measurements of the various properties of electromagnetic fields

3)     A need to share, assess, aggregate, integrate and analyze spectral data that includes:

a.      The spatial properties and other properties of electromagnetic field sources and sensors

b.     The spatial properties and other properties of material environmental features and phenomena that interact with electromagnetic fields

Because electromagnetic fields are inherently spatial and temporal phenomena, and because electromagnetic fields interact with other spatial and temporal features and phenomena in the environment, it makes sense to develop the proposed standard in the OGC, which is the standards organization that provides the world's most widely used spatial/temporal information technology standards.

The OGC EM Spectrum DWG provides an open forum for the discussion and presentation of EMF data workflows, interoperability requirements, use cases and non-OGC EMF standards as well as OGC standards, best practices, pilots, testbeds and other activities and documents that may help resolve interoperability issues in communities focused on EMF.

The OGC EM Spectrum DWG wiki, open to the public, is a web resource for an OGC Domain Working Group (DWG) that is discussing a proposed open standard conceptual data model* and derived digital encoding(s) for environmental electromagnetic field (EMF) data.