OGC Vision, Mission, & Goals


A world in which everyone benefits from the use of geospatial information and supporting technologies.

Core Values:

Conduct operations in an honest, transparent and ethical manner. 

Strive to achieve the highest quality innovative processes, geospatial standards and supporting services. 

Work cohesively with members, partners and the global geospatial community. 

Empower members, partners and staff to provide the global community with the most relevant and effective geospatial standards and supporting services. 

Good Stewardship 
Effectively manage and maximize the return on investment provided by members and partners.


To advance the development and use of international standards and supporting services that promote geospatial interoperability. To accomplish this mission, OGC serves as the global forum for the collaboration of geospatial data / solution providers and users.

Strategic Goals:

Goal 1Provide free and openly available standards to the market that are of tangible value to Members and have measurable benefits for users.

Goal 2 - Lead worldwide in the creation and establishment of standards that enable global infrastructures for delivery and integration of geospatial content and services into business and civic processes.

Goal 3 - Facilitate the adoption of open, spatially enabled reference architectures in enterprise environments worldwide.

Goal 4Advance standards to support formation of new and innovative markets and applications for geospatial technologies.

Goal 5 - Accelerate market assimilation of interoperability research through collaborative consortium processes.