In Memoriam - Bob Moses


Dr. Robert Moses, president and CEO of PCI Geomatics, was an image processing and GIS pioneer whose generous support during the first “evangelizing” period of OGC’s existence made it possible for founder David Schell and a small band of enthusiasts to organize support for the consortium.

Known affectionately by colleagues as "Dr. Bob", Dr. Moses knew OGC's founder, David Schell, in the late 1980s, when those who would eventually form the OGC start-up team were beginning to think about an open standards framework for GIS. Dr. Moses was immediately receptive to the idea, despite its novelty at the time. In 1991 the start-up team met a number of times to create early presentations and business plans in PCI office space Dr. Moses made available to the team, at no cost, near Washington, DC. He made his company OGC's first commercial sponsor, providing guidance and resources at a time when our new organization was struggling to survive.

Over the years, Dr. Moses provided help where help was needed through his many industry contacts, his staff resources, his constant encouragement, and the enduring example of his commitment. Over the years he served actively as a member of the OGC Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Under his direction, PCI Geomatics was very active in demonstration projects involving OGC and the sponsors of the Interoperability Program.

Dr. Moses spent much of his time on non-business industry-related activities, working, for example, with his public sector colleagues to create GeoConnections, a national partnership initiative to build the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure. He served Canada and the Canadian geospatial industry as a member of the Council of Science and Technology Advisors reporting to the cabinet of the Government of Canada. He also served as Chairman of the Ministerial Advisory Council on Science and Technology reporting to the Minister of Natural Resources of the Government of Canada.

Dr. Moses was a respected and influential participant in international geomatics activities, and his enthusiastic support for the OGC helped the OGC gain international standing. He played a lead role in starting the OGC Global Advisory Committee. It was his idea, he was the chair and he got it going. He felt the need to create a global process to promote OGC and its vision, to make the consortium succeed in its role in improving the world. PCI, OGC and Geoconnexions were all manifestations of his lifelong interest in global harmony, in the development of creative and productive relationships that spanned geography and domains of interest. His affection, high-mindedness, and interest in creative progress attracted others into these efforts to make the world a better place.