Standards Incubator

1. Overview

The OGC Standards Incubator

Welcome to the OGC Standards Incubator! Here you will find innovative efforts from the geospatial community to create new standards for exchange and use of geospatial data. Please note that the projects in the Incubator are not official OGC standards, rather they are prototypes that push the boundaries of our work and perhaps provide a pathway to future standards. You can visit any of the projects from the list below. Feel free to review their work, download sample code or explanatory text, or sign up to contribute!.

How it works

The OGC Standards Incubator is a low-overhead environment for development of prototype standards or concepts for standardization. We say “low-overhead” because there are almost no rules regarding how you work and what you do in our program. We want you to test your ideas for improving the use and interoperability of geospatial data and applications. OGC members want to see what you are doing and maybe help. You want a simpler way to begin your work than the full rigor of the OGC Technical Committee.

We promise that the rules are minimal, but we do need to set some boundaries. First, projects are limited to those which advance the state of geospatial standards. Second, projects remain in the Incubator for a limited time, then either move into our more formal process or continue to evolve elsewhere. Lastly, while anyone can participate in the Incubator, you must still obey our code of conduct.

If your project matures to the point where you or others feel that it should advance to be an official OGC standard, then migrating to the OGC formal process is simple. OGC staff will assist in identifying other members with interest in the work and establishing the necessary Standards Working Group.

What we expect of participants

Participants in the Incubator receive a hosted project page, a publicly-available wiki, and a GitHub repository containing templates for documenting the project. All we ask in return is that participants try interesting things and report back to the OGC Technical Committee a couple of times each year on their work and progress.

What do I do next?

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