Nadine Alameh, Thank you, and Good luck!

Nadine Alameh is leaving the OGC staff on April 30, 2014 - today -  to take on a new and exciting opportunity.  We wish her great success and want to thank her for her years of contributions on OGC staff.

Nadine joined the OGC staff in May 2010 and was promoted to Executive Director of OGC's Interoperability Program in 2012.  During her time with OGC staff, she led the OWS-9 Testbed, planning for OGC Testbed 10, and the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot, phase 4.   She led several OGC pilots for the Aviation industry.  Prior to leading initiatives she was an architect in previous OGC testbeds, including testbeds focused on Aviation and Geo-Decision Support Services.  It's fair to say that the aviation community in particular has benefited greatly from her leadership in the OGC Interoperability Program.

Prior to joining OGC staff, Nadine was a contributor to many geospatial standards activities in OGC and elsewhere.  Her PhD dissertation at MIT in 2001 addressed "Scalable and Extensible Infrastructures for Distributing Interoperable Geographic Information Services on the Internet".

Nadine is leaving the OGC staff to take a position of leadership with a very active OGC member.  We expect that we will see Nadine at future OGC activities and we wish her godspeed with her new endeavors.