OGC Speakers' Bureau

The OGC Board of Directors and Executive Staff invite OGC members to join the OGC Speakers' Bureau. This is an opportunity for member representatives to speak about interoperability, business value and OGC standards on the Consortium’s behalf.

All OGC members benefit from the “network effects” of OGC outreach. If more members give OGC presentations at more industry events, the OGC network will expand more rapidly. Speaking for the OGC and being listed below as a member of the Speakers' Bureau also contribute to the industry profiles of the speakers and their organisations. If you are interested in speaking for OGC at an event, please send an email including your request to speakers_bureau [at] opengeospatial.org.

OGC staff will consider and decide on the suitability of prospective speakers for a particular event and will support them in the preparation of content. Approved speakers will be listed on this Web page and in OGC event outreach materials. In some circumstances it may be possible for the OGC to help pay for local (same country) travel expenses.
The main requirement for speakers is that they remain independent in their views and discuss the wider advantages of OGC standards. Promoting a company’s products or services is not appropriate in presentations made on behalf of the OGC.

If you would like to suggest an event for OGC to consider, please complete the OGC Conference Suggestion form on this page.

We look forward to your participation!