OGC Innovation Statement

In 2014, the OGC Planning Committee endorsed the OGC Innovation Statement:

In order to simplify technical complexity and reduce implementation costs, the OGC strives to ensure harmonization within the OGC standards baseline. In an unchanging world harmonization would be easy. However, given the realities of the diversity that comes about due to changing technology and markets, OGC must address the innovator’s dilemma of maintaining the current OGC standards baseline while simultaneously developing standards to support evolving and potentially disruptive technologies, community needs and market trends. The OGC must balance maintenance, adaptation and evolution of its standards and associated Best Practices in order to address technology change, market change, and the complexity of collaboration between different communities.

To support this challenging environment, OGC:

• Will encourage harmonization of its standards;
• Will extend or adapt its present standards baseline, or work with its partners to adapt or extend their standards;
• May advance new standards that overlap with or diverge from existing standards, along with guidance regarding how to evaluate and select among these options;
• May develop harmonization techniques such as bridging, brokers, or facades to achieve interoperability within and across communities of interest;
• Will foster an environment that encourages fair consideration of all submissions.