Enterprise Strategies for Location Intelligence 2011

Wednesday, 2011-03-30
Thursday, 2011-03-31

North America’s first location intelligence conference to address the needs of and challenges faced by companies selling to enterprise.

  • The open phenomenon: Take a fresh look at innovative systems for open source data and content in spatially-enabled structures
  • Monetize location intelligence for enterprise and explore new business models: Analyze how working business models are seeing an ROI, and take away best practices to apply to your company
  • Overcome marketing barriers: Hear about the latest ways to overcome the problems of marketing location intelligence to enterprise
  • Innovative ways to maximize the value created by mobile and sensor based data information: How to integrate the mashup of data and business intelligence using the latest network technologies that can recognize, filter, analyze and route geospatial information to users
  • Migration of GIS platforms from desktop to online: Analyze the implications of the shift from desktop software to web platforms and understand how the industry will be impacted by power shifts between the major players
  • Security, privacy, data ownership and control: Hear the legal, infrastructure and business perspectives on how to reduce risk whilst delivering the maximum possible value to users in the enterprise space
  • Aggregating, integrating and analyzing data: Get insider insight into data harmonization and maximize your communications to enable cost effective data analysis

DGI2012 Defence Geospatial Intelligence

Monday, 2012-01-23
Thursday, 2012-01-26

Westminster, London, England

Since its launch in 2003, Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI) has become the largest and most international annual gathering dedicated to the high-level discussion of geospatial intelligence and national security in both defence and intelligence operations.

Addressing the use of geospatial information in scenarios such as international conflicts, defence operations, C4ISR, humanitarian disasters, crime, national security, border control, arms treaty monitoring and global climate change; the fundamental objective of DGI is to help organisations understand how to build the necessary infrastructure and architecture to take advantage of geospatial intelligence capabilities.

Steven Ramage, the OGC's Executive Director Marketing & Communications, will speak.


OGC Location Standards for Next Generation LBS

Wednesday, 2013-02-27
Wednesday, 2013-02-27

This event will include

    Are you looking for ways to provide the highest value LBS to users?   

    • Provide the freshest and most contextually relevant data
    • Make information access rapid, incremental   
    • Communicate position quickly, inexpensively including when roaming     
    • Offer fewer LBS apps that provide greater data depth and reliability
    • Support for indoor as well as outdoor positions


    Are your LBS platform tools efficient in terms of data access and management?

    • Lower costs of creating and maintaining location-based data sets     
    • Keep maps and all geodata current     
    • Mix data sets while keeping intuitive and consistent symbols      
    • Accommodate diverse mobile platforms with consistent behaviors     
    • Use best available position accuracy given device sensors     
    • Use open APIs to reduce overhead between LBS tools


    Printable invite can be downloaded here



      Wednesday February 27, 2013 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM


      Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (ICC)
      Parc Montjuic
      Barcelona, Spain



      Event Agenda:

      The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) invites all mobile developers, location data providers, network operators and LBS service users to an exciting event and reception.


      Presentation Agenda


      Registration Opens




      Denise McKenzie, OGC


      The power of location on mobile devices

      George Percivall, OGC


      OGC standards power next-gen emergency response apps

      Movie: Luciad Emergency Response Demo

      Frank Suykens, Luciad


      Fraunhofer experience with a mobile app to record health data in the field

      Hylke van der Schaaf, Kym Watson, Fraunhofer IOSB


      Shared Situational Awareness - from Desktop to Mobile

      Roger Brackin, Envitia


      OGC Open GeoSMS

      Kuo-Yu “Slayer” Chuang, ITRI


      Wikitude's leadership in open standards: OGC ARML2

      Martin Lechner, Wikitude


      3D portrayal of geospatial

      Volker Coors
      Fraunhofer IGD


      Introduction to OGC Standards Showcase

      George Percivall

      1600 Reception including OGC Standards Showcase and Demonstrations



      Standards Showcase during Reception

      OGC Standards Activity

      Standards Experts

      OGC Web Services

      Mike Reynolds,
      Augmented Technologies

      Kym Watson and Hylke van der Schaaf; Fraunhofer IOSB


      Kuo-Yu “Slayer” Chuang;
      Industrial Technology Research Institute

      Sensor Web for IoT

      Joaquín del Rio Fernández
      Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


      Sisi Zlatanova
      Delft University of Technology


      Martin Lechner

      3D Portrayal

      Volker Coors
      Fraunhofer IGD
      Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart

      Places of Interest (PoI)

      Alessandra Donnini


      Frank Suykens

      Roger Brackin


      OGC standards for Mobile


      GeoWeb 2009 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Monday, 2009-07-27
      Friday, 2009-07-31
      GeoWeb conferences focus exclusively on geographic information systems, the Internet, and the economic potential associated with their convergence. GeoWeb 2009 will continue the tradition of focusing on the reciprocal impact of the Web and Geographic Information as well as the ever-increasing need for collaboration in light of global economic and environmental concerns. GeoWeb 2009 is for everyone! Representatives from both public and private organizations are invited to meet, discuss and learn about today's most innovative geospatial technologies. Be sure to save the date and join us this coming summer as we explore and unlock the future of the GeoWeb! Registration begins online April 2, 2009.

      Smart Korea 2010, South Korea

      Wednesday, 2010-09-01
      Friday, 2010-09-03

      The Korean government invites you to participate in 'Smart Korea 2010'.

      Smart Korea 2010 will take place in In-San city near Seoul, South, 1-3 September 2010. It is hosted by the Korean government (MLTM, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs of Korea) in charge of GIS.

      More than 3000 people working in GIS and GIS related fields from Korea and abroad have been invited to participate in this annual event. MLTM has invited non-GIS professionals to participate as well. If you attend, you can see all of the Korean GIS developed by government, industry and academics. It will also be a good place for you to share your GIS experience.

      The organizer is currently seeking submissions for those wishing to participate in the conference and exhibition. All companies and governments that would like to participate in this event based on their GIS experience, will be welcomed.

      More information such as the program, exhibition info, registration, etc. are here:


      FIG Commission 3 Workshop - "The Empowerment of Local Authorities: Spatial Information and Spatial Planning Tools" and Commission 3 Annual Meeting

      Tuesday, 2011-10-25
      Friday, 2011-10-28

      The aim of this workshop is to study the impact of spatial information and spatial planning tools on economic, social and environmental aspects of local authorities in general, and on the empowerment of local authorities in particular. The aim is also to investigate the international knowledge and practice on how surveyors may assist real estate markets, good governance, environmental management and planning initiatives by providing reliable spatial and relevant infrastructures.

      The meeting will be held in Paris, France.


      Future ISR 2012

      Tuesday, 2012-10-02
      Tuesday, 2012-10-02

      Future ISR 2012 is a joint C4ISR conference, exhibition and roundtable discussion event for ISR leaders from government and industry. The C4ISR Conference features 15 plenary presentations, 7 panel discussions and 17 roundtable working group discussion.

      OGC will represent its Defense and Intelligence Domain Working Group (D&I DWG) at the 2012 Future ISR event.  The OGC D&I DWG is comprised of representatives from a range of organizations engaged in geospatial activities for military and intelligence purposes. This community consists of government, industry, academia and non-government agencies. The intelligence component for this Domain Working Group (DWG) relates to defense intelligence, including geospatial intelligence in a defense context. The following areas of intelligence are supported by other OGC Domain Working groups: law enforcement, public security, disaster management, and emergency management. 

      OGC's presentation at the event will zoom in on the necessity of interoperability and standards in the ever-shifting operational needs that require agility in coalition and multi-national operations.


      LI GeoCloud - The Location Intelligence for Geospatial Cloud Computing Executive Symposium

      Wednesday, 2010-09-22
      Wednesday, 2010-09-22

      Knight Conference Center at the Newseum, Washington DC

      Cost: $495 until August 1; $595 thereafter.

      Time: 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. with a reception to 7:30 p.m.

      On the horizon for geospatial technology is the potential forhosting applications using a cloud computing solution. We introduced this topic at Location Intelligence 2009 and it was by far a topic that needed additional discussion. So, in 2010, we will focus the conference entirely on this topic in a one-day executive symposium at the Newseum in Washington DC. Topics will address Software as a Service (SaaS), virtualization, Platform as a Service (PaaS), OGC web standards, business models, geospatial data delivery and other topics.