Fourth International AR Standards Meeting

Monday, 2011-10-24
Tuesday, 2011-10-25

The Fourth International Augmented Reality (AR) Standards coordination meeting will be held in Basel Switzerland on October 24 and 25, just prior to ISMAR2011. More information on the meeting can be found at .
As an OGC Member, you are cordially invited to attend this Face-to-Face working meeting of the community of people seeking open and interoperable AR content and experiences


Geospatial World Forum - Monetizing Geospatial Value & Practices

Monday, 2013-05-13
Thursday, 2013-05-16

Save the dates for the premier geospatial industry event, the Geospatial World Forum, scheduled for 13 – 16 May, 2013 at Beurs-World Trade Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With the theme “Monetising Geospatial Value and Practices”, the conference will invite discussions on ways each geospatial stakeholder community – government decision makers, end-users or technology providers – can extract the maximum utility and benefits out of their investments in geospatial infrastructure and carry forward the value created by this industry. Paper abstracts are invited on themes related to geospatial technology and its application. Deadline for abstracts is 15 October 2012. Visit for more information.


SIG 3D – OGC International Workshop on Requirements for CityGML 3.0

Thursday, 2013-06-20
Friday, 2013-06-21

Request for Presentations on CityGML 3.0 development

The OGC CityGML SWG, the SIG 3D, and Technische Universität München will host a joint international workshop to gather requirements, ideas, suggestions, and positive as well as negative experience from CityGML users, data producers, software vendors, and scientists with CityGML 1.0 and 2.0 in order to guide the development of the next major version of CityGML. The workshop will take place on the 20th and 21st of June, 2013 in Munich, Germany.

In recent years many research groups, companies, and users intensively worked with CityGML and many possible extensions or modifications have been prototyped or proposed. In order to promote an open discussion this workshop will address a number of major issues and provide a forum for groups and individuals who can and want to contribute to future CityGML development. Participants are invited to communicate their experience in short presentations and to introduce their new concepts or modifications or share their experience gained from practical application of CityGML. We explicitly want to point out that no decisions on presented and discussed items will be taken at this stage of development.

These are the topics to be addressed in the two-day meeting:

THURSDAY, 20 June 2013

•  10:00-10:20 Welcome address from the organizers

10:20-12:30 Improved Support for Simulations and other Applications, e.g.

    - Coupling of CityGML with different types of simulations; time varying feature properties (spatial and thematic,      e.g. energy demand or production potential for a building along the course of the day / week / year)

    - Qualified attributes (metadata at individual attribute level like lineage, accuracy, unit of measure, date of acquisition etc.)      

•  13:30-17:00 LOD Concept of CityGML, e.g.

    - semantic and geometric LODs

     - definition of separate indoor LODs; floorplans

     - more / less / continuous LOD levels


On Thursday evening a social event will take place giving the participants the chance to enjoy Bavarian hospitality, food and beer at one of the famous Bavarian beer gardens or beer cellars (depending on the weather).

FRIDAY, 21 June 2013

•  09:00-10:30 Extension of CityGML by new Objects, e.g.

    - Support for other types of constructions like walls, fences etc.

    - Utility networks (e.g. UtilityNetworkADE)


•  11:00-15:00 Stronger Harmonisation with 2D Cadastre and Models, e.g.

    - Admissibility of 2D geometries, definition of LOD0


If you are a CityGML user, data producer, software vendor or a scientist working with or on CityGML, you are encouraged to  participate in the workshop. The organizers will contact a number of individuals and groups from which they know about their CityGML activities and ask them for presentations soon. However, if you would like to contribute a presentation, please send a short abstract (300 words) to the organizing committee consisting of the CityGML SWG chairs and the CityGML editors (please direct submissions to: kutzner [at] ).

The decision on the acceptance is based on the expected contribution to the issues named above. Due to the limited time, probably not all proposals might be considered. In case of too many submissions, another workshop will be planned. The accepted presentations will be listed on a frequently updated Wiki:

The event is sponsored by industry partners and the Chair of Geoinformatics at Technische Universit‰t M¸nchen. Hence, participation is free of charge including coffee breaks. Costs for travel and accomodation as well as the social event on Thursday will be at the participants own expense.

Organizing Committee:

Thomas H. Kolbe, Tatjana Kutzner

   Chair of Geoinformatics, Technische Universität München

Steve Smyth, Carsten Roensdorf, Claus Nagel

   CityGML Standard Working Group of the Open Geospatial Consortium

Gerhard Groeger, Karl-Heinz Haefele

   Modeling Group of SIG 3D of the Geodata Infrastructure Germany


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Next Generation ISR - Opportunities, Challenges, Emerging Threats and Capabilities

Wednesday, 2012-06-13
Thursday, 2012-06-14

This two-day general session will assemble the Key Organizations and the Senior Leading Experts that are shaping the direction of Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) current requirements and exposing the many future capabilities for the services and public service sectors. Industry plays an increasing role in providing ISR assets across a very broad range of needed missions – including but not limited to: Persistent Global Surveillance & Global Strike, Counter-intelligence & Counterterrorism, Maritime Domain Awareness, Space Defense, Anti-Access and Contested Global Commons. ISR and evolving technologies clearly being an imperative need in Irregular Warfare has resulted in operational surges in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Carl Reed, CTO, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) will be among the speakers.The conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada


Domain Modelling and Implementation Masterclass

Friday, 2010-12-03
Friday, 2010-12-03

Sydney, Australia



Schedule of Meetings: 


in conjunction with the OGC Technical Committee meeting


The OGC SDI service architecture relies on communities agreeing to use common data exchange formats and content (standards). The design and deployment of these pose challenges relating to both technical and social issues. Through a number of projects across multiple application domains (including geology, water resources, climate, biodiversity, hazards) the team at CSIRO has developed a body of experience and a suite of technology to assist in addressing these challenges.

This workshop will cover the techniques and tools for establishing an effective development process for a community application schema and the realization of that schema in deployed services. Special attention will be paid to the ongoing management and evolution of the interrelated components required to implement an application.

The workshop will demonstrate use of:

  • The HollowWorld modelling environment for Application Schemas

  • The FullMoon tool for generating an XML implementation and documentation of the model

  • The SolidGround model management tools

  • Vocabulary services

  • Validation services

  • Web Feature Service

  • Model and vocabulary registration

The presentations will be based around real-world examples of schema development from the environmental sector.


The Masterclass should be attended by anyone interested in design or deployment of OGC-conformant data services, particularly those associated with an existing domain community.


[Tentative List of Presenters include: Rob Atkinson, Ben Caradoc-Davies, Simon Cox, Guillaume Duclaux, and others]


GEOSS Workshop XXII: Air Quality and Coastal Ecosystems

Sunday, 2008-07-06
Sunday, 2008-07-06

Fee: No fee; open participation. 

This one day IGARSS pre-conference workshop is focused on Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) engineering, implementation of the GEOSS information infrastructure, and GEOSS emerging applications and pilot projects. The workshop will also provide a forum for discussing the development and operational issues of Air Quality and Coastal Ecosystems. Specific emphasis will be on the overarching engineering challenges for this system of systems.

For more information, refer to the website: and go to GEOSS and then workshops at the top of the home page, or contact one of the following organizers:

David Arctur (darctur [at]; Gary Foley (foley.gary [at]; Al Gasiewski (al.gasiewski [at]; Francoise Pearlman (francoise.pearlman [at]