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1. Purpose of the Standards Working Group

The purpose of GMLJP2 v1.1 Standards Working Group is to move the existing GMLJP2 version 1.0.0 standard through a revision process. The SWG will process impacts to this standard from updates of dependent standards, address omissions from the initial standard, process comments from OWS5, and assess future ...

Emergency & Disaster Management DWG

The purpose of the EDM DWG is to promote and support the establishment of requirements and best practices for web service interfaces, models and schemas for enabling the discovery, access, sharing, analysis, visualization and processing of information to the forecasting, prevention, response to and recovery from emergency and disaster situations.


Purpose of this Standards Working Group

The purpose of this IndoorGML Standard Working Group is to develop an application schema of OGC GML and progress the document to the state of an adopted OGC standard. The goal of this candidate standard is to establish a common schema framework for indoor navigation applications. This SWG will start from the discussion paper (OGC 10-191r1, Requirements and Space-Event Modeling for Indoor Navigation), which summarizes the requirements and basic idea of a standard for indoor navigation.

Web Feature Service DWG

The WFS DWG provides a forum to

  1. Discuss requirements for the WFS and Filter specifications
  2. Develop Change Request Proposals for the WFS and Filter specs
  3. Provide a forum for the presentation, discussion, and evaluation of profiles of the WFS specification and
  4. Provide a forum for presentations on uses and implementations of the WFS and Filter specifications in the marketplace.