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OGC Web Services Initiative, Phase 1.1

Testbed. After the events of September 11, the OWS 1.1 sponsors agreed to align OWS 1.1 to address interoperability challenges defined by officials in New York City. The OWS 1.1 demonstration scenario developed by the sponsors challenged participating technology developers and integrators to implement interoperability capabilities that address specific critical disaster management needs involving New York City data. Specification development focused on: OGC Common Architecture, Web Mapping, Imagery Exploitation and Sensor Web.

ebXML RegRep SWG

ebXML RegRep SWG


Purpose of this Standards Working Group

The purpose of the OGC ebXML RegRep SWG is to develop an OGC standard defining an extension to OASIS ebXML RegRep supporting registration, management and retrieval of geospatial and related non-geospatial information items based on well-defined registration processes, such as defined in, but not restricted to ISO 19135.


1.    ebRIM Application Profile of CS-W 2.0 SWG2.    Purpose of this Standards Working GroupThe CS-W ebRIM AP 2.0 SWG will update the existing CS-W ebRIM AP 1.0 based on the Change Requests that have been posted during the last two years. These Change Requests have been submitted mainly by organizations that have implemented or used tVersion 1.0. 3.    Scope of WorkThe SWG will analyze the outstanding CRs, evaluate them in terms of relevance, decide on their disposition (accept, accept with revision, reject) and the edit the document based on the accepted CRs.

Moving Features SWG

1.    Moving Features

Applications using moving feature data, typically on vehicles and pedestrians, have recently been rapidly increasing. Innovative applications are expected to require the overlay and integration of moving feature data from different sources to create more social and business values. Efforts in this direction should be encouraged by ensuring smoother data exchange because handling and integrating moving feature data will broaden the market for geo-spatial information such as Geospatial Big Data Analysis.

2.    Purpose of this Standards Working Group