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In support of an OGC member, OGC is conducting a second phase of the OGC Fusion Standards Study.  The study reviews geospatial fusion including: a review of existing standards regarding fusion; a survey of standards and implementations with the focus on multi-int information sources.  Phase 2 of the study concentrates on deve...

This study is now complete.  The OWS Fusion Standards Study was sponsored by the National Geospatial-intelligence Agency (NGA).

OGC Fusion Standards Study, Phase 2 Engineering Report



This interoperability experiment will advance the development of WaterML 2.0, test its use with various OGC service standards (SOS, WFS, WMS and CSW), as well as investigate its interaction with GroundwaterML (GWML), in the context of sharing groundwater data between the USA and Canada.

The use of O&M compliant...

This Specification defines Symbology Encoding, an XML language for styling information that can be applied to digital Feature and Coverage data. This document is together with the Styled Layer Descriptor Profile for the Web Map Service Implementation Specification the direct follow-up of Styled Layer Descriptor Implementation Specification 1.0.0. The old specification document was split up into two documents to allow the parts that are not specific to WMS to be reused by other service specifications.