Big Data

BiDS'14: ESA 2014 Conference on Big Data from Space - Research, Technology and Innovation

Wednesday, 2014-11-12
Friday, 2014-11-14

This conference aims to bring together researchers, engineers, users in the area of Big Data in the Space sector.

Conference objectives

The focus is on the whole data lifecycle, ranging from data acquisition by spaceborne and ground-based sensors to data management, analysis and exploitation in the domains of Earth Observation, Space Science, Space Engineering, Space Weather, etc.

Special emphasis will be put on highlighting synergies and cross-fertilization opportunities from domains like Climate Change, Solid Earth Science, Planetary Sciences, Life Science, Astrophysics, High Energy Physics, Social Sciences, etc.

We expect this conference to 

●     contribute towards a common “Big Data from Space” scientific and programmatic framework

●     widen competences and expertise of universities, labs and industrial actors

●     foster networking of experts and users towards better access and sharing of data, tools and resources

●     leverage innovation, spin-in, spin off of technologies, and business development arising from research and industry progress

5th Workshop on the Use of GIS/OGC Standards in Meteorology

Tuesday, 2014-10-28
Thursday, 2014-10-30

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is very active in developing standards that cater for emerging technologies and that allow interoperability between communities that previously were not able to easily communicate. Embracing these standards will allow the meteorological community to reach out to a wider audience, and keep up with the ever changing landscape of Internet-based services.

The general aim of the workshops on the use of GIS/OGC standards in meteorology is to promote collaboration between meteorological services in order to agree on a set of common geo-science standards, especially OGC standards, that will enhance interoperability. In particular, the roadmap for activities of the OGC Meteorology & Oceanography Domain Working Group (Met Ocean DWG) should be discussed and reviewed. The Met Ocean DWG was established in 2009 after this was recommended during the first workshop held at ECMWF in 2008.