ILAF (Iberian and Latin-American Forum)

More than seven years ago organizations and individuals in Spain and Portugal began working together to promote the use of OGC standards in those countries’ Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) programs. As others became interested, meetings were held, often in conjunction with SDI meetings in the Iberian region. There are longstanding relationships between Spain and Portugal and the countries of Latin America, so when an official OGC forum was chartered in 2010 it was given the name ILAF (Iberian and Latin-American Forum). 

Nordic Forum

Mission Objectives / Key Activities

The OGC Nordic Forum is a grouping of the OGC members in the Nordic region, set up to promote the use and understanding of open standards for geospatial software and data for countries in the region, and to influence the definition and best use of these standards.

North American Forum

The goal for the North America Forum (NAF) is to address OGC standards requirements, OGC program coordination, outreach and education needs of government, academic, research and industry organizations in Canada, US and Mexico. The NAF will provide a coordination mechanism to prioritize North American geospatial and location specific interoperability requirements and work towards incorporating these requirements into the OGC standards process.