Standards Working Groups


1.    ebRIM Application Profile of CS-W 2.0 SWG2.    Purpose of this Standards Working GroupThe CS-W ebRIM AP 2.0 SWG will update the existing CS-W ebRIM AP 1.0 based on the Change Requests that have been posted during the last two years. These Change Requests have been submitted mainly by organizations that have implemented or used tVersion 1.0. 3.    Scope of WorkThe SWG will analyze the outstanding CRs, evaluate them in terms of relevance, decide on their disposition (accept, accept with revision, reject) and the edit the document based on the accepted CRs.

CityGML 1.1 SWG

O&M 2.0 SWG


1.    Observations and Measurements v2 Standards Working Group


2.    Purpose of this Standards Working Group

The purpose of the O&M v2 SWG is to consider revisions to the OpenGIS® Observations and Measurements Implementation Standard..

Web Mapping Service 1.4 SWG

1.    Web Mapping Service (WMS) 1.4 SWG


2.    Purpose of the Standards Working Group

The purpose of this Standards Working Group is to finish the Web mapping Service (WMS) Version 1.4 Standard. It will achieve this objective by evaluating and processing the Change Requests listed in Section 3, ensuring that the standard is consistent with the OGC baseline and business plan.


1. ARML 2.0 Standards Working Group

ARML (Augmented Reality Markup Language) 1.0 is a descriptive, XML based data format, specifically targeted for mobile Augmented Reality (AR) applications. ARML focuses on mapping georeferenced Points of Interest (POIs) and their metadata, as well as mapping data for the POI content providers publishing the POIs to the AR application. ARML was defined in late 2009 by the creators of the Wikitude World Browser to enable developers to create content for Augmented Reality Browsers.


1. Geography Markup Language 3.3 SWG (GML SWG)


2. Purpose of this Standards Working Group

The purpose of the GML SWG is to revise the OpenGIS® Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard. The standard is also published by ISO as ISO 19136:2007.

Simple Features SWG

1.    ISO Simple Features
A Standard working group is being formed to work on the ISO version of the Simple Features specification. The intent is to create a fully harmonized standard so that the OGC and ISO standards and the SQL/MM Part 3 spatial versions are harmonized at the end of the work of the  SWG. A summary SWG description is given here and expanded below:


ISO 19125: Simple Features


Update the ISO 19125 (OGC) Simple Features standard to