Standards Working Groups

Catalogue Services 3.0 SWG

Catalogue Services 3.0 SWG

1. Purpose of the Standards Working Group

The purpose of this Standards Working Group is to process change requests to the Catalogue Services Version 2.0.2 corrigendum and publish it as a Version 3.0 implementation standard. The SWG will achieve this objective by evaluating and processing change requests received from the Catalogue Working Group members in support the objectives, audience, and scope described herein.

GeoServices REST SWG

This SWG is focused on processing the OGC GeoServices REST 1.0 candidate standard.

This OGC GeoServices REST Candidate Standard Version 1.0 standard is derived from the “Esri GeoServices REST Specification Version 1.0” which was developed to provide interoperability between ArcGIS Server and the broader information technology community. The candidate standard is designed to be implemented without the use of Esri products. The OGC version differs from the Esri version in that it is presented in a vendor neutral fashion appropriate for an OGC standard. For example the names of the types have been changed. The specification currently provides a JSON encoding, but does not limit alternate JSON representations (such as GeoJSON ).

Policy 1.0 SWG

2. Purpose of the Policy Standards Working Group

The Policy 1.0 SWG will write a standard to be adopted as a policy of the Open Geospatial Consortium that will enable structuring standards for ease of

1. organizing requirements within a standard,

2. writing an abstract test suite (ATS),

3. constructing compliance tests,


The goal for the OGC GeoSPARQL standard is to support representing and querying geospatial data on the Semantic Web. GeoSPARQL defines a vocabulary for representing geospatial data in RDF, and it defines an extension to the SPARQL query language for processing geospatial data.

The preliminary work on a draft of the candidate standard has been completed. As soon as possible, the SWG hopes to approve a 30 day Request for Comment for the candidate standard to the OGC Technical Committee and to the public. The resulting comments will guide the GeoSPARQL SWG in the finalization of the implementation standrrd, hopefully to be ready for a final standardization vote by OGC before the end of 2011.


1. Purpose of the Standards Working Group
The purpose of GMLJP2  Standards Working Group is to move the existing GMLJP2 version 1.0.0 standard through a revision process. The SWG will process impacts to this standard from updates of dependent standards, address omissions from the initial standard, process comments from OWS5, and assess future work items for the initial standard. The work of this SWG will also ensure alignment with all OGC processes, the OGC standards baseline, and OGC's business plan.
2. Scope of Work

1. Catalogue Services – ISO Metadata Application Profile 2.0 SWG


Web Processing Service 2.0 SWG


Web Processing Service 2.0 has been released!

You can find it here:

Purpose of this Standards Working Group - To Be Refined

The purpose of this Standards Working Group (SWG) is to evaluate and work the proposed change requests assigned to the Web Processing Service 1.0.0. It will achieve this objective by evaluating and processing the Change Requests listed in Section 3 and ensuring that the standard is consistent with the OGC Processes, OGC standards baseline and the OGC business plan.

Moving Features SWG

1.    Moving Features

Applications using moving feature data, typically on vehicles and pedestrians, have recently been rapidly increasing. Innovative applications are expected to require the overlay and integration of moving feature data from different sources to create more social and business values. Efforts in this direction should be encouraged by ensuring smoother data exchange because handling and integrating moving feature data will broaden the market for geo-spatial information such as Geospatial Big Data Analysis.

2.    Purpose of this Standards Working Group