INTERGEO Eurasia, Southeastern Europe, Middle East, geospatial, conference

Monday, 2014-04-28
Tuesday, 2014-04-29

Welcome to the most important industry gathering for geo-experts in Southeastern Europe and the Middle East!

Because it combines a trade show and a conference, INTERGEO Eurasia give you a supra-regional platform with a range of exhibitors that covers all important areas of expertise in the fields of surveying, geoinformation, remove sensing and photogrammetry. The INTERGEO Congress gives you a forum for discussing the industry's latest trends and developments, and the trade show allows you to gather information about the products and innovations of exhibitors that are relevant to the industry.

In a Joint Session at the Congress, Athina Trakas, Director European Services, OGC, will talk about "Urbanization and Open Standards - OGC standards addressing societal, economic and environmental challenges".

Profit from the exchange of ideas and information with other experts and from the synergies that result from the fact that INTERGEO Eurasia is held at the same time as Seismic Safety, the International Trade Fair for Earthquake Resistance, Fire Protection and Intelligent Urbanization.

Take advantage of this chance to gather and exchange information about state-of-the-art technologies! INTERGEO Eurasia opens its gates at the WOW Convention Center in Istanbul from April 28 – 29, 2014.