5th Workshop on the Use of GIS/OGC Standards in Meteorology

Tuesday, 2014-10-28
Thursday, 2014-10-30

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is very active in developing standards that cater for emerging technologies and that allow interoperability between communities that previously were not able to easily communicate. Embracing these standards will allow the meteorological community to reach out to a wider audience, and keep up with the ever changing landscape of Internet-based services.

The general aim of the workshops on the use of GIS/OGC standards in meteorology is to promote collaboration between meteorological services in order to agree on a set of common geo-science standards, especially OGC standards, that will enhance interoperability. In particular, the roadmap for activities of the OGC Meteorology & Oceanography Domain Working Group (Met Ocean DWG) should be discussed and reviewed. The Met Ocean DWG was established in 2009 after this was recommended during the first workshop held at ECMWF in 2008.

INSPIRE for good governance - INSPIRE Conference 2014

Monday, 2014-06-16
Friday, 2014-06-20

Seven years have passed since INSPIRE was adopted as the EU's legal framework establishing the infrastructure for spatial information in Europe serving policies and activities having an impact on the environment. During this period the framework of technical specifications necessary to underpin an interoperable infrastructure has been completed, and a major effort has taken place to implement the Directive in the Member States. It is now time for the mid-term evaluation to assess how well we are doing, and whether we are still on the right track. This conference comes therefore at a crucial stage to report on progress and get feedback from all the stakeholders involved.

INSPIRE is a governance 'tool'. Good governance, the process of making sound decisions and efficiently implementing them, is more than ever powered by our ability to collect, process, share and use spatial data.  The conference will provide an opportunity to see how INSPIRE is underpinning the implementation of environmental policies, and provide connectivity with other policies affecting our environment, society, and the economy.  


For this upcoming INSPIRE Conference, OGC staff and members have submitted two papers/workshops and both have been accepted:

Title: Linking Geospatial Data - LGD14 Synopsis and where standards come into the game

Authors: Phil Archer, Alex Coley, Bart de Lathouwer, John Goodwin, Ed Parsons and Athina Trakas

This workshop will summarize and follow up on the Linking Geodata workshop that was held in London in March. 


Title: Think Local - Act Global

Why engagement in international standards development is important - A Nordic Perspective

Authors: Mikael Grasjö, Jari Reini, Bart de Lathouwer and Athina Trakas Confirmation

This workshop will be a "mini-Interop Day by the OGC Nordic Forum".