AGILE Conference Workshop 2014 - COBWEB Citizen Science, Quality and Standards

Tuesday, 2014-06-03
Tuesday, 2014-06-03

The availability of crowdsourced information is growing rapidly. We live in an increasingly connected world where the majority of citizens are using smartphone and tablet technology. This has enabled a society that increasingly is becoming more vocal and engaged. Citizens are an underexploited resource of deployable human sensors. Crowdsourced data (“people as sensors” recording real-time observations and measurements) are a valuable source of scientific and policy-making information when enhanced with an indication of quality and fused with authoritative data. This workshop seeks to engage and discuss with the scientific community on the use of quality controlled crowdsourced environmental data.

The infrastructure developed within COBWEB will exploit technological developments in ubiquitous mobile devices; crowdsourcing of geographic information and the operational standards based SDI such as the UK Location Information Infrastructure. It will enable citizens living within Biosphere Reserves to collect environmental information on a range of parameters including species distribution, flooding and land cover/use. A main driver will be the opportunity to participate in environmental governance.

To maximize impact, COBWEB will work  with standards organizations. Specifically, COBWEB will aim to improve the usability of Sensor Web Enablement standards and GeoPackage with mobile devices, develop widespread acceptance of the data quality approach developed and maximize the applications potential of COBWEB outputs.

Call to participation

There will be the opportunity for you to share your work (15 minutes and discussion) during the four workshop sessions (see Agenda below). We are looking for contributions that explore the use of crowdsourced data in at least one of the following areas:

  • Unique examples of harvesting crowdsourced data
  • Methods of quality control for crowdsourced data
  • Maintaining data quality in an agile environment
  • Role of standards in crowdsourcing
  • Levels of quality/trust in crowdsourced data and services
    • Raw crowdsourced data
    • Crowdsourced data conflated with authoritative data
  • How standards cope with access to sensitive information
  • Use of personal/private data relating to citizens
  • Crowdsourced sensitive data (e.g. location of endangered species)

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