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OGC Activities and Mobile Industry Trends

  • Posted on: 4 February 2014
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Christine Perey

As readers of this blog are frequently reminded, spatial data is increasingly mobile. To remain highly relevant to users, OGC standards must take into account mobile network and platform/device strengths and limitations. As a result of several overarching OGC activities initiated back in 2011, and the contribution of its members, OGC’s standards are increasingly implemented on and designed to serve mobile platform users. Looking ahead, the OGC’s standards and value proposition are

Mobile Development

"Mobile First!"  Why?  Because mobile is exploding; because mobile forces you to focus; and because mobile extends your capabilities. Take two minutes to watch the introduction of this Luke Wroblewski video.  Over the next few years, tablets will have a compound annual growth rate of 35%;  Smart phones will grow by 18% (Canalys).  Yrjö Neuvo, former Nokia CTO, predicts that by 2020, mobile users will be