The OGC membership process is operationally organized into groups and subgroups, each group having a specified role and level of responsibility. There are three major groups, called Committees: The Technical, the Planning and the Strategic Management Advisory Committees.

The Technical Committee is responsible for all aspects of the formal consensu...

The Strategic Member Advisory Committee is conceived to be a permanent committee within the OGC organization, designed specifically to provide Strategic Members the opportunity to participate in the strategic planning processes of the Consortium, and to support Consortium operations aimed at achieving the corporation's mission as defined in the bylaws.
The SMAC is a formal structure defined within the framework of OGC's bylaws, designed to operate in parallel with the formal technical decision-making process (Planning Committee and Technical Committee) of the Consortium.
The SMAC is the approval body for the Interoperability Program Policy and Procedures.

The OGC Planning Committee is granted authority to operate by the OGC Bylaws. Principal Membership is provided for organizations that wish to participate in the planning and management of the Consortium's technology development process.

The Planning Committee has ultimate responsibility for approving Technical Committee recommendations for...

The mission of the OAB is to provide a forum within which Consortium wide standards architecture issues can be discussed and deliberated with the intent of providing guidance and recommendations to the TC and the PC on these issues.

Specifically, the OGC Architecture Board works with the TC and the PC to insure architecture consistency of the Base...

The work of the OGC is facilitated and coordinated by three separate committees: The Technical, Planning, and Strategic Advisory Committees, and also the OGC Architecture Board.

The OGC Planning Committee (PC) is composed mainly of Principal and Strategic Member representatives. The Planning Committee provides guidelines and a management structure for OGC's Technical Committee and Interoperability Program. The Business Value Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the OGC Planning Committee.

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