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The mission of the WCS 1.2 SWG is to maintain and further develop OGC's Web Coverage Service (WCS) suite of coverage-related data and service specifications. "The Web Coverage Service (WCS) supports electronic retrieval of geospatial data as "coverages" – that is, digital geospatial information representing space-varying phenome...

1. Geography Markup Language 3.3 SWG (GML SWG)


2. Purpose of this Standards Working Group

The purpose of the GML SWG is to revise the OpenGIS® Geography Markup Language (GML) Encoding Standard. The standard is also published by ISO as ISO 19136:2007.

The SWG may decide - in cooperation with the OGC TCC, the I...

2. Purpose of the Policy Standards Working Group

The Policy 1.0 SWG will write a standard to be adopted as a policy of the Open Geospatial Consortium that will enable structuring standards for ease of

1. organizing requirements within a standard,

2. writing an abstract test suite (ATS),

3. constructing compliance tests,

1. Purpose of the Standards Working Group

The purpose of GMLJP2 v1.1 Standards Working Group is to move the existing GMLJP2 version 1.0.0 standard through a revision process. The SWG will process impacts to this standard from updates of dependent standards, address omissions from the initial standard, process comments from OWS5, and assess future ...

GeoRM 1.0 SWG


Purpose of the Standards Working Group

The purpose of the GeoRM SWG is to create an OGC Standard for the rights enablement of OGC Web Services. It will deliver an OGC "GeoRM Common" Standard that extends the OGC Web Services Common Specification.

The overall mission ...

The mission of the OAB is to provide a forum within which Consortium wide standards architecture issues can be discussed and deliberated with the intent of providing guidance and recommendations to the TC and the PC on these issues.

Specifically, the OGC Architecture Board works with the TC and the PC to insure architecture consistency of the Base...

1. Purpose of the Standards Working Group

The purpose of this Standards Working Group is to progress the KML 2.2 RFC submission to the state of an adopted standard. This will be achieved by processing the comments received during the public comment period, and ensuring that the standard is consistent with the OGC baseline and business plan and is ...

Standards Working Groups (SWG) have specific charter of working on a candidate standard prior to approval as an OGC standard or on making revisions to an existing OGC standard.

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