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A new WMS RWG was re-constituted at the Edinburg Technical Committee Meetings in June 2006 with the following slate of members:
  • Satish Sankaran (ESRI), Chair
  • Arliss Whiteside (BAE)
  • Sean Forde (LizardTech)
  • Michael Schwieger (Mapsolute)
  • Joan Masó Pau (CREAF)
  • Reinhard Erstling (Interactive Instruments)...
The Earth Observation WG addresses interoperability issues of particular concern to members working in the area of Earth Observation. The EO WG is in the process of benig merged with the NRE WG

Visit http://lennier.gsfc.nasa.gov/eosig/ for additional information.

The Web Terrain Service Revision Working Group (WTS RWG) is responsible for editing the approved WTS 0.0 Specification for public release as WTS 1.0.

The Location Services SIG addresses interoperability issues of particular concern to members working in the area of Location-based Mobile Services.

This project is now dormant.

The Feature WG develops consensus on geospatial feature geometry, identity, and relationships.


NOTE:  This group is Dormant.  The current work is being conducted in the GeoAPI 3.0 SWG .


GeoAPI aims to provide neutral, interface-only API's based upon existing and proposed OGC Standards. In short, the goal of this working group is to accomplish for GIS what JDBC achieved for databases.

The community may also interact with the GeoAPI at the GeoAPI's JIRA project page provided by JIRA Project Management.

The CITE Subcommittee will provide guidance to and advise the OGC staff on the operation of the Compliance and Interoperability Testing and Evaluation Program (CITE) of the Consortium. The Sub committee will provide a forum for an open, consensus discussion regarding approaches and issues related to conformance and interoperability testing becoming an inte...

The central purpose of the Coverages DWG is to promote and oversee development of OGC Implementation Specifications for exploitation of, and accessing, coverage data, including images and other grid coverages. Secondary purposes include promoting use of these specifications, and refining the OGC Abstract Specification as may be needed to better support these specifications.

The Information Communities and Semantics WG addresses issues related to services that might be developed to help users manage semantic differences in spatial data content and metadata.

The following is the official slate of members for the OWS Common 1.2**

  • Arliss Whiteside (BAE). Chair of the RWG
  • Rüdiger Gartmann (con terra). Vice Chair of the RWG
  • Peter Vretanos (CubeWerx)
  • Peter Schut (NR Canada/Geoconnections)
  • Stan Tillman (Intergraph)
  • Andreas Matheus (University of the ...
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