Symbology Encoding

1) Overview
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1) Overview

This Specification defines Symbology Encoding, an XML language for styling information that can be applied to digital Feature and Coverage data. This document is together with the Styled Layer Descriptor Profile for the Web Map Service Implementation Specification the direct follow-up of Styled Layer Descriptor Implementation Specification 1.0.0. The old specification document was split up into two documents to allow the parts that are not specific to WMS to be reused by other service specifications.

2) Downloads

Version Document Title (click to download) Document # Type
 3 (Rev 3.1) Specification of the Sensor Service Architecture (SensorSA)  09-132r1 DP
 2.0 OGC® SensorML: Model and XML Encoding Standard  12-000 IS
 2.0 Semantic annotations in OGC standards  08-167r2 BP
 1.1.0 OpenGIS Symbology Encoding Implementation Specification  05-077r4 IS
 1.1.0 Symbology Encoding Implementation Specification  05-077 D-DP
 1.0.0 OpenGIS Sensor Model Language (SensorML)  07-000 IS
  OpenGIS SensorML Encoding Standard v 1.0 Schema Corregendum 1 (1.01) 07-122r2 ISC
  GML 3.2 implementation of XML schemas in 07-000 (1.0.1) 08-127 DP
 0.9.0 (1.0 beta 1) OpenGIS Sensor Model Language (SensorML)  05-086 D-BP
 0.8.0 (1.0 beta) Sensor Model Language (SensorML) for In-situ and Remote Sensors  04-019r2 D-RP
 0.7 Sensor Model Language (SensorML) for In-situ and Remote Sensors  02-026r4 D-DP
 0.4d SensorML  02-026r1 D-DP
 0.3.0 sensorML Extension Package for ebRIM Application Profile  09-163r2 DP
 0.3.0 Sensor Observable Registry Discussion Paper  09-112 DP
 0.3.0 OpenGIS® Sensor Event Service Interface Specification  08-133 DP
 0.3.0 Semantic annotations in OGC standards  08-167r1 D-DP
 0.3.0 OWS-6 SensorML Profile for Discovery Engineering Report  09-033 PER
  Sensor Interface Descriptors  10-134 DP


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3) Related News

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