OGC Empire Challenge 2009 Pilot: SAS Solicitation

Please note: This Request scheduled is closed.
Due to the short turn around and limited scope of the request many of the work items that are normally included in a Statement of Work for an OGC pilot will not be performed. Nor will it be necessary for a responder to provide the detailed information outlined in the original EC'09 CFP/ RFQ. This SAS Solicitation document describes the work to be performed, the schedule required, the reports and attendance requirements for responding. Please submit using the ‘Submission Documentation' directions below - DO NOT use the detailed template listed in the orginal CFP/RFQ.

Initiative Conduct

Meetings and Teleconferences

Selected responders will participate in the Kickoff Teleconference and weekly progress teleconferences.

Each shall render a verbal report weekly during this teleconference. (In lieu of written reports)

Coordination and Integration Activities

Selected responders will work directly with the sponsor to select test networks, functions and schedules.


1. Online Sensor Alert Service (SAS) using XMPP and KML on at least one of the three networks.
2. SAS Best Practice specification to be used: http://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/?artifact_id=15588
3. Company personnel at designated site (see Demonstration Deployment below) during EC09 Demonstration.


Selected responders shall work directly with the sponsor to coordinate accreditation of the computers and software that they will use to provide the SAS.

Test and Integration

Selected responders shall work directly with the sponsors to conduct Technology Integration Experiments (TIEs).

Demonstration Deployment

Selected responders shall provide an SAS server for deployment at a location identified in negotiations with OGC and sponsor approval.

Submission Documentation (Not to exceed 2 pages)

Company Information

Respondents shall provide an indication of their qualifications to participate.

Financial Information

Respondents shall provide a single $US figure for their reimbursement. WBS breakouts are not required.


Respondents shall identify personnel who will work the program and provide a brief summary of their qualifications.


17 April RFP/RFQ Reopened - SAS Solicitation announced
27 April 0900, EDT Responses Due to techdesk [at] opengeospatial.org
29 April Selected respondents notified and contract work begins

4 May Kickoff (Teleconference or in person at OGC Office, Herndon, VA)
6 May Security Accreditation Documentation input sent to Sponsor
20 May First Technology Integration Experiment (TIE) conducted

26 June Open Internet TIEs concluded

10 July Demonstration Hardware and software installed at location TBD.
31 July EC09 Field Portion concludes

14 August Final Report information provided to sponsor

Inquiries and Questions

All questions are to be sent to techdesk [at] opengeospatial.org. They will be answered daily as Clarifications and posted to this webpage.