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1) Overview

The CDB standard defines a standardized model and structure for a single, “versionable”, virtual representation of the earth. A CDB structured data store provides for a geospatial content and model definition repository that is plug-and-play interoperable between database authoring workstations.  Moreover, a CDB structured data store can be used as a common online (or runtime) repository from which various simulator client-devices can simultaneously retrieve and modify, in real-time, relevant information to perform their respective runtime simulation tasks. In this case, a CDB is plug-and-play interoperable between CDB-compliant simulators.  A CDB can be readily used by existing simulation client-devices (legacy Image Generators, Radar simulator, Computer Generated Forces, etc.) through a data publishing process that is performed on-demand in real-time.

The application of CDB to future simulation architectures will significantly reduce runtime-source level and algorithmic correlation errors, while reducing development, update and configuration management timelines.  With the addition of the High Level Architecture - -Federation Object Model (HLA/FOM)  and DIS protocols, the application of the CDB standard provides a Common Environment to which inter-connected simulators share a common view of the simulated environment.

The CDB standard defines an open format for the storage, access and modification of a synthetic environment database.  A synthetic environment is a computer simulation that represents activities at a high level of realism, from simulation of theaters of war to factories and manufacturing processes. These environments may be created within a single computer or a vast distributed network connected by local and wide area networks and augmented by super-realistic special effects and accurate behavioral models. SE allows visualization of and immersion into the environment being simulated . This standard defines the organization and storage structure of a worldwide synthetic representation of the earth as well as the conventions necessary to support all of the subsystems of a full-mission simulator.  The standard makes use of several commercial and simulation data formats endorsed by leaders of the database tools industry.

A series of associated OGC Best Practice documents define rules and guidelines for data representation of real world features.

2) Downloads

Version Document Title (click to download) Document # Type
 1.0 Volume 0: Primer for the OGC CDB Standard: Model and Physical Data Store Structure  15-120r4 BP
 1.0 Volume 1: OGC CDB Core Standard: Model and Physical Data Store Structure  15-113r3 IS
 1.0 Volume 2: OGC CDB Core: Model and Physical Structure: Informative Annexes  16-005r2 BP
 1.0 Volume 3: OGC CDB Terms and Definitions  15-112r2 IS
 1.0 Volume 4: OGC CDB Best Practice use of Shapefiles for Vector Data Storage  16-070r2 BP
 1.0 Volume 5: OGC CDB Radar Cross Section (RCS) Models  16-004r3 BP
 1.0 Volume 6: OGC CDB Rules for Encoding Data using OpenFlight  16-009r3 BP
 1.0 Volume 7: OGC CDB Data Model Guidance Formerly Annex A Volume Part 2  16-010r3 BP
 1.0 Volume 8: CDB Spatial and Coordinate Reference Systems Guidance  16-011r3 BP
 1.0 Volume 9: OGC CDB Schema Package: provides the normative schemas for key features types required in the synthetic modelling environment. Essentially, these schemas are designed to enable semantic interoperability within the simulation context. (Normative)   Schema
 1.0 Volume 10: OGC CDB Implementation Guidance  16-006r3 BP
 1.0 Volume 11: OGC CDB Core Standard Conceptual Model  16-007r3 IS
 1.0 Volume 12: OGC CDB Navaids Attribution and Navaids Attribution Enumeration Values  16-003r2 BP
 1.0 CDB Multi-Spectral Imagery Extension  17-080r2 IS


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3) Official Schemas

The current schemas are presented in a zip file in Volume 9 above.  Once they are validated the normative shemas will be posted at:

Note: You may also download All Official OGC Schemas in a single zip file.

4) Related News

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