Demonstration Scenarios

In order to demonstrate completion of sponsors’ requirements, scenarios and use cases were chosen and developed from early in the project, that would illustrate coordination among the stakeholders present. These were developed by each thread’s participants, but coordinated across threads where practical. Except for the drought scenario, these are all fictitious events, but are intended to be as realistic and representative as practical. These are the scenarios chosen for this testbed:

  • Aviation
    • International flight dispatch and operations, with notifications & visualization of weather forecasts, airspace restrictions, runway closures, and other aeronautical information.
  • Earth Observation Coverages
    • Analysis of drought conditions in the Amazon Basin, South America.
  • CCI, Geosynchronization and Geodata Bulk Transfer; Moving-Object Tracking
    • Distributed data sharing, updates, and other coordination in response to a major earthquake and oil spill in Monterey Bay, California.