Aviation Thread

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OWS-8 Aviation

Thread Architect:
Nadine Alameh, Ph.D.

The Aviation Thread of OWS-8 builds on the Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) and Aviation threads of OWS-6 and OWS-7, and seeks to further develop and demonstrate the use of the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) and the Weather Information Exchange Model (WXXM) in an OGC Web Services environment.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and EUROCONTROL have developed AIXM as a global standard for the representation and exchange of aeronautical information. AIXM was developed using the OGC Geography Markup Language (GML) tailored to the specific requirements for the representation of aeronautical objects, including the temporality feature that allows for time dependent changes affecting AIXM features. The overall objectives of the FAA and EUROCONTROL are to use AIXM as a basis for modernizing their aeronautical information procedures and transitioning to a net-centric, global aeronautical management capability. More specifically, AIXM is being used in the net-centric System Wide Information Management (SWIM)-related components of the US NextGen and European Union (EU)’s SESAR programs.

WXXM is the proposed standard for the exchange of aeronautical weather information in the context of a net-centric and global interoperable Air Transport System (ATS). It is currently under development by FAA and EUROCONTROL in support of the NextGen and SESAR programs. WXXM also uses GML tailored to the specific requirements of aeronautical meteorology and is based on the OGC Observation and Measurement Model. WXXM development is harmonized and coordinated with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the organization traditionally responsible for standards in meteorology.

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OWS-8 Aviation Team

List of OWS-8 Paricipants
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OWS-8 Aviation Objectives

  • Development of Guidance for using WFS 2.0 with AIXM
  • Applicability of SLD for representing ICAO symbology
  • Advancement of Event Architecture
  • Architecture of Authoritative Data Source for AIXM Information
  • Exploration of compression techniques for AIXM
  • Refactoring of AIXM Digital NOTAM Event Specification (DNES)
  • Validation of DNES; Audit of WXXM
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OWS-8 Aviation Engineering Reports

These Engineering Reports are publicly available, see the Deliverables Page of this website.

OGC Doc# Document Title Author(s)
11-139r2 OWS-8 Summary Engineering Report David Arctur, Dave Wesloh
11-093r2 OWS-8 Aviation Architecture ER Johannes Echterhoff (iGSI)
11-086r1 OWS-8 Authoritative Data Source in Aviation ER Jan Herrmann (Tech U of Munchen)
11-073r2 OWS-8 WFS Guidance for AIXM  Debbie Wilson (Snowflake)
11-097 OWS-8 AIXM Compression Performance Benchmarking ER Jerome Jansou (AtoS), Thibault Dacla (Atmosphere)
11-089r1 OWS-8 Aviation SLD Guidance for ICAO ER Daniel Tagesson (Carmenta)
11-072r2 OWS-8 WXXM and Weather ER Torab Torabi (La Trobe University)
11-091 OWS-8 WXXM Audit Results ER David Burggraf (Galdos)
11-092r2 OWS-8 Report on Digital NOTAM Event Specification
Johannes Echterhoff (iGSI), Matthes Rieke (IfGI)
11-061r1 OWS-8 AIXM 5.1 Metadata ER David Burggraf (Galdos)
11-107 OWS-8 Domain Modeling Cookbook
Jim Groffen (Lisasoft), Cameron Shorter (Lisasoft), Rob Atkinson (CSIRO)
11-106r1 OWS-8 Digital NOTAM Refactoring ER
Jim Groffen (Lisasoft)
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Building on previous initiatives...

OWS-8 Aviation builds on the outcomes of three previous initiatives. For this reason, the demonstrations will get technical at times. This is because after 3 initiatives, we’re truly getting into the unescapable nitty gritty details of the work. Click an area on diagram to launch prior demonstration in new browser tab or window.

SAA Pilot SAA Pilot OWS-7 Demonstration OWS-7 Demonstration OWS-6 Demonstration OWS-6 Demonstration
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However, the work is still centered around the validation and advancements of two information exchange models used in Aviation: AIXM (below) and WXXM (next page).

AIXM (diagram below): based on GML, representing features like runways, taxiways, navigational aids, airspaces and even individual lights on a runway.

AIXM Diagram
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Weather Information Exchange Model (WXXM)

WXXM (diagram below): based on GML and O&M, for weather information like TAFs for visibility, humidity, thunderstorms, volcanic ash, etc.

Both AIXM and WXXM models are challenging in handling temporality – tracking and using time-based and time-sensitive information.

WXXM Diagram
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OWS-8 Aviation Scenario

  • Flight going from Tallin (Estonia) to Hawaii via Chicago.
WXXM Diagram
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OWS-8 Aviation Scenario (continued)

  • The architecture developed here can aid in the communications and response to sudden disasters, such as the Pacific tsunami event caused by the earthquake in Japan, March 2011.
WXXM Diagram


March 11, 2011: This was the day of a devastating earthquake in Japan, resulting in a tsunami warning in Hawaii. Pilots and dispatchers would get the right information at the right time using our architecture, to avoid landing on a flooded runway.

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OWS-8 Aviation Architecture

Digital NOTAM Refactor and Validation (slides) Authoritative Data Sources (slides) Luciad Client Frequentis Client Guidance TAF Event Architecture AIXM Features and Portrayal/ICAO Guidance (slides) WFS Guidance for AIXM (slides)

Items outlined in red can be clicked for more video or downloadable .pdf content.

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AtoS, Atmosphere: AIXM Compression Benchmarking

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OWS-8 Aviation Demonstrations - Complete List

Presentation (media type) - Contributors
1) AIXM Data via WFS (slides)
Ian Painter & Debbie Wilson (Snowflake), Timo Thomas (Comsoft), Ulrich Berthold (Comsoft) & Jeroen Dries (Luciad)
2) AIXM Features and Portrayal (slides)
Daniel Tagesson (Carmenta), Alex Brooker (Envitia) & Jeroen Dries (Luciad)
3) Architecture and Eventing (video)
Matthes Rieke (Ifgi), Paolo Stefani & Costantino Saporano (IDS), Johannes Echterhoff (iGSI) & Jim Groffen (LISAsoft)
4) Luciad Client Demo (video)
Jeroen Dries (Luciad)
5) Frequentis Client Demo (video)
Zdenek Farana (Frequentis)
6) Atmosphere TAF Visualization (video)
Thibault Dacla (Atmosphere)
7) AIXM Compression (video)
Thibault Dacla (Atmosphere) & Jerome Jansou (AtoS)
8) AIXM Authoritative Data Source (video)
Andreas Matheus (UniBW) & Jan Herrmann (TUM)
9) Digital NOTAM Refactor, Validation (slides)
Jim Groffen, Rob Atkinson (LISAsoft)
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This is all part of a global development process