OGC Interoperability Program Pool (IP Pool)

The IP Pool is a set of companies, universities, and independent consultants that have been pre-qualified to be part of future Open Geospatial Consortium Interoperability Program Team (IP Team) activities.  The OGC Interoperability Program conducts its mission by tapping expertise from the IP Pool to form project teams that conduct IP Initiatives.

IP Pool - Strategic Members in IP Pool are bolded

Bloxstore Limited
Botts Innovative Research, Inc. 
Carl Reed, Independent Consultant
Charles Chen, Skymantics
Feng Chia University GIS Research Center
GIS Development
GIM: Geographic Information Management
Institut Géographique National (IGN)
Interactive Instruments
International Geospatial Services Institute GmbH
Jacobs University
lat/lon GmbH
Nadine Alemah, Snowflake Software
PEREY Research & Consulting
Robert Starling, Consultant
Secure Dimensions
Tumbling Walls
University of Nottingham - Centre for Geospatial Science


IP Pool Invitation to Qualify (ITQ)

The IP Pool ITQ is the method that OGC uses to select organizations to become members of the IP Pool. On an annual basis the OGC announces that we are seeking responses to the ITQ.  OGC reserves the option to add or remove organizations from the IP Pool at any time.

For further information contact: Terry Idol, Executive Director, OGC Interoperability Program (tidol@opengeospatial.org)