Vector Tiles Pilot


Vector Tiles is a technology that optimizes delivering vector data over the web to create maps. The approach provides a pre-defined shape (i.e. tile) to package vector data. Vector Tiles provide various opportunities:

  • Incentivize commercial innovation while simplifying interoperability for command and control, consumer mapping and many other applications.
  • Enable faster map loads (reducing size) and flexible styling with modern, easy-to-use tools. 

Vector Tiles provide an efficient and effective method of delivering GeoINT data due to the efficiencies for querying vector data and compacting of the files. Sponsors are interested in Vector Tiles Standardization in the following cases: 

  • OGC Web Services (WFS and WMTS)
  • Denied, Degraded, Intermittent, or Limited Bandwidth (DDIL) container format (GeoPackage) 

The OGC has coordinated several initiatives to advance the use of Vector Tiles. Testbed 12 and Testbed 13 advanced ideas, found issues and proposed change requests to existing standards. However, a better forward strategy is to advance extensions in current OGC standards.

This Pilot will develop Engineering Reports to document the results of the effort. These Engineering Reports will be considered by the OGC Technical Committee and may lead to standardization efforts to define a common vector tiling approach for multiple OGC standards.

The extensions will serve as basis for National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG) Profiles.


Video Results from Vector Tiles Pilot

Links to the video results to the Vector Tiles Pilot will be displayed in this area.  Once the videos have been posted to the OGC Youtube Channel, the links will be activated:



Compusult Vector Tiles GeoPackage Workflow



Ecere Vector Tiles (WMTS, WFS3 Services and Clients, GeoPackage)



GeoSolutions Vector Tiles Part One - WMTS and WFS 3 Vector Tiles at Work



GeoSolutions Vector Tiles Part Two - Vector Tiles Style Details 



GIS FCU WFS 3.0 Client



Image Matters GeoPackage Web Client



interactive instruments - Vector Tiles Web API



Mapbox WMTS Server and Client


 Note: Call for Participation is available here.







July 06, 2018

Sponsors Kickoff

July 11, 2018

Call for Participation (CFP) released

August 06, 2018

Proposals due

August 13, 2018

Participant selection and agreements

August 17, 2018

Virtual kickoff

September 10-14, 2018

Discussion at Working Groups

October 31, 2018

End & Final Reports

December 10 - 14

Present at Technical Committee Meeting