OGC Testbed 15

OGC Innovation Program and Testbeds

The OGC Innovation Program provides a venue for advancing solutions to data challenges through use of open standards. Past initiatives have helped transformed how we share and use geospatial information, from advancing sharing of digital maps over the web (e.g. WMS) to new encodings (e.g. GeoPackage) that are empowering mobile users with powerful geospatial tools.

Testbeds are OGC's largest initiatives, with last two testbeds averaging US $3 Million in sponsor funding. For example, Testbed 13 was sponsored by 12 organizations from 5 countries, and brought together more than 200 individuals from 60 organizations. Testbed 14 is OGC's 100th initiative and is currently in progress.


OGC provides an open ideas repository to capture information and discussions about future requirements. Requirements come from sponsors that get ideas from their own internal needs, work suggested from previous OGC Initiatives, prototyping work to be advanced by OGC working groups, and suggestions from experts in the geospatial industry.

You can add an idea for Testbed 15 via this URL.

Testbed-15 Schedule

Anybody wishing to learn more about this initiative, or about the OGC Interoperability Program in general, can contact Scott Serich, Director Innovation Programs at sserich (at) opengeospatial.org or visit the OGC Innnovation Program page.