Testbed 14

The OGC Innovation Program provides a venue to advance solutions to data challenges through using open standards. In addition to creating new standards, the testbeds provide a unique platform where sponsors can outsource the rapid generation of prototypes and test environments with a number of leading organizations in their field. Testbeds result in more than just new and updated standards: outcomes include guides, overviews, and best practices for solving bleeding edge geospatial problems.

Over the course of more than 100 initiatives, OGC has helped develop new standards and architectures that have transformed how we share and use geospatial information. From advancing sharing of digital maps over the web (e.g. WMS) to new encodings (e.g. GeoPackage) that are empowering mobile users with powerful geospatial tools.

Testbeds are OGC's biggest initiatives. The last two initiatives average US $3 Million in sponsor funds. The current Testbed (Testbed 13) is sponsored by 12 organizations from 5 countries, and is bringing together more than 100 individuals from 60 organizations.

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Figure 1. Testbed 13 Sponsors

Continuing the work from previous Testbeds, and looking at how to improve the sharing of geospatial information based on current technology trends, here are some ideas for Testbed 14

Other topics include:

  • GeoPackage utility to further support mobile applications

  • Running workflows on cloud environments

  • GeoSemantics (LinkedData)

  • Vector tiles

  • Security of geospatial services

  • Transportation data exchange common models and interfaces

  • GeoHealth

  • Smart Cities connect communities

  • Mapping and managing data from unmanned systems (UAVs and Drones)

  • Border control

  • NIEM

  • UMF-3

  • Big Data

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

  • Indoor location and positioning

  • Enhanced Interoperability

The schedule is presented below. Sponsors interested in funding Testbed 14 must provide requirements by November 2017.

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Figure 2. Testbed 14 Schedule

Next Sponsor's Meeting will be in early August.



If you have any further ideas for this or future testbeds, or if you're just looking for more information, please contact Luis Bermudez, Executive Director Innovation Program at lbermudez (at) opengeospatial.org.