Maritime Limits and Boundaries Pilot

The Call for Sponsors will remain open until July 30 2018.  

The recording of the sponsor's webinar held on May 29, 2018 is available here

Our planet’s oceans are subdivided by international and national laws into many areas and zones. Over the locations of these zones and the rights, restrictions and responsibilities that apply to them facilitates the development of the world’s ocean resources while providing for the protection of the marine environment and safety of navigation. The Maritime Limits and Boundaries (MLBs) are the constructs used to delineate maritime zones and form the legal foundation of the marine domain.


Australia Boundaries

S-121 is the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) standard  that establishes a data model for Maritime Limits and Boundaries (MLBs) to support the digital data structure and exchange formats or maritime zones for nations around the world. S-121 allows States to communicate official digital representations of their maritime limits and boundaries to the public and international community. It also provides a flexible and expandable framework able to support other maritime delimitation requirements such as defining areas of overlapping jurisdiction and Joint Development Areas, or any other management areas.

This proposed pilot coordinated by OGC, will help advance the two goals of the S-121 standard 1) to have an open, international, coordinate-based, representation of maritime boundaries and their associated rights, restrictions, and responsibilities that are authoritative and easy to interpret; and 2) to facilitate parties to United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in fulfilling their deposit obligations in a spatial coordinate-based format.

Complete description of the plan and deliverables can be found in the proposal document.  

Dates (draft) Milestone
December 4, 2017 S-121WG agreement in principal to the creation of an S-121 OGC Pilot
April 30, 2018 Call for Sponsors
May 29, 2018 Sponsor teleconference
July 30, 2018 Close date for sponsorship
October, 2018 Call CFP for participants
October, 2018 CFP participants teleconference
November, 2018 Proposals due
November, 2018 Negotiations with bidders
November, 2018 Kickoff
December, 2018 Demonstration
March, 2019 Engineering report finalized and end of project


The OGC’s Innovation Program brings sponsors and technology implementers together in a collaborative agile process to solve geospatial challenges. Since 1999 more than 100 initiatives have been taking place from in-kind interoperability experiments run by a working group to multi-million dollar testbeds with hundreds of participants.

A Pilot is a collaborative effort that applies technology elements from the OGC Technical Baseline and other (non-OGC) technologies to Sponsor scenarios. In practice, a Pilot is where OGC and other industry standards can be “stress tested” based on real-world application and experience. Pilot are an opportunity for users to understand how to best address their requirements using standards-based architectures. For more information contact Luis Bermudez, Executive Director Innovation Program (lbermudez at