Automated PED now Mixed Reality to the Edge CDS

Through the OGC Innovation Program, OGC will conduct a Mixed Reality to the Edge Concept Development Study (CDS) focused on Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) processing to:

  • Engage experts from around the globe to increase awareness of community automated PED needs, and to identify, promote and evolve a target interoperable 3D/4D open architecture. 
  • Provide focus and direction for key issues, gaps, and limitations that impact geospatial PED processes.
  • Promote the accelerated development, testing and validation of new standards to address current technology gaps.
  • Refine and validate foundational 3D/4D architecture constructs for Open Data Models and Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  • Promote unified activities for creation and sharing of Open Data Models and APIs essential to addressing technology gaps and interoperable SOF PED capabilities.
  • Encourage discussion of PED automation, edge processing, and civil-military wargaming requirements, use cases, standards and technologies.
  • Define qualities of an open automated PED systems to enhance their interoperability and support activities to standardize within and among them.
  • Engage the broader standards community to identify standards and technology areas and research activities related to automated PED.


Calendar of Events:

The Request for Information will be released early January 2019 and due back mid February 2019.

A Workshop to discuss the information with the community is planned for April 2019 also.

Please feel free to contact us at techdesk [at] if you would like to be contacted when the RFI is released or for additional details of the Workshop when available.