Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot



The OGC Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot: Call for Participation

OGC has issued the Call for Participation (CFP) inviting the submission of proposals for the Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot.

Indoor LiDAR scene from youtube 6cwhPMAap8

Figure 1. Indoor LiDAR Scene (source: YouTube)

This pilot, sponsored by the Public Safety Communications Research Division of NIST, will create and advance solutions to complex geospatial challenges related to indoor mapping and navigation for first responders. The pilot will call upon a diverse array of leading organizations in the field and leverage standardized, open GIS frameworks, data models, and data exchange formats (e.g. CityGML, IndoorGML, Web Processing Service, Web Feature Service, etc.) to stimulate the rapid generation of prototypes and demonstrations that address the key activities described below. In addition, best practices and lessons learned from the pilot shall be captured in engineering reports or other means and, where appropriate, forwarded to the appropriate standards committees under the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and International Standards Organization (ISO) for consideration.

The Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot will address key challenges related to indoor mapping and navigation for first responders. While the focus of the Pilot is on developing the capabilities and workflow required for preplanning operations, the intent is that future OGC initiatives will address the real-time, event-driven aspects of indoor mapping and navigation for first responders.

Tentative High-Level Pilot Schedule

schedule as of 20180603

Anybody wishing to learn more about this initiative, or about the OGC Interoperability Program in general, can contact Scott Serich, Director Innovation Programs at sserich (at) or visit the OGC Innnovation Program page.