Empire Challenge 09: SAS Pilot

OGC is conducting a pilot for Empire Challenge '09 focused on the Sensor Alert Service.  Limited funding has been authorized to accomplish an objectives during the EC09 demonstration in July 2009.

A letter RFQ/CFP was released on April 17, 2009.  The sponsor and the OGC are soliciting proposals that provide working services that implement the OpenGIS® Sensor Alert Service (SAS) Best Practice Document on several networks. Responses were due by April 27, 2009 and the Pilot Kickoff Meeting will be the first week of May near Washington, DC. Technology deployments will be complete by July 17, 2009, followed by a two-week demonstration.

The EC09 OGC Pilot will examine the suitability and performance of the SAS specification for providing alerts. Details on the extent of this request, contact information, and the original EC09 OGC Pilot RFQ/CFP documents can be downloaded from: http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/requests/56 . The original documents are to be used to understand the environment of the EC09 demonstration.

Priority has been given to respondents that already have accredited OGC standards based systems solutions on the classified networks to be served: the SIPR net, the Coalition Forces Network for the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and an unclassified Community of Interest (COI) network at the event site in China Lake, CA. The sponsor will work with non-accredited selectees to process the needed documents for one or more of these networks.



17 April RFP/RFQ Reopened - SAS Solicitation announced
27 April 0900, EDT Responses Due to techdesk@opengeospatial.org 
29 April Selected respondents notified and contract work begins

4 May Kickoff (Teleconference or in person at OGC Office, Herndon, VA)
6 May Security Accreditation Documentation input sent to Sponsor
20 May First Technology Integration Experiment (TIE) conducted

26 June Open Internet TIEs concluded

10 July Demonstration Hardware and software installed at location TBD.
31 July EC09 Field Portion concludes

14 August Final Report information provided to sponsor