Disasters Pilot


The OGC Disaster Pilot will focus on the demonstration of the usefulness of standards and SDI architecture within the Disaster community. This Pilot builds on previous work that was executed as the Disasters Interoperability Concept Development Study (CDS) and is documented in the OGC Development of Disaster Spatial Data Infrastructures for Disaster Resilience

Two different disaster scenarios are currently planned: 1) hurricanes with subsequent storm surge and flooding, and 2) wildfires. In both cases data and services from multiple sources will be mobilized, integrated, and processed to form a common operational picture.

The pilot will answer questions like: What is the current best approach, using open standards, when images are discovered via web services and made available to be discovered by other users in a distributed environment? For example a user discovers an image of the affected area, downloads a satellite image, performs some analysis (e.g. annotating a flood line or marking distribution centers for medicine) and the image is then published again via services and discoverable in the web including the provenance information.

The initiative will run in three “waves” or phases. The disaster scenarios will be developed in sequence in waves one and two. Wave one will build the hurricanes scenario, wave two focuses on wildfires. The third wave will focus on common symbology issues that often arise when data from multiple sources is overlaid and portrayed.

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If you are interested in sponsoring this initiative, contact Terry Idol (tidol [at] opengeospatial.org).