CityGML Challenge



The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) CityGML model has been successfully used in a number of city models in different parts of the world. Presently there is a new version being developed and the draft specification publicly available on GitHub could be utilized as part of this challenge.

Ordnance Survey (OS), a strategic member of the OGC, is sponsoring a CityGML hackathon to test the CityGML data model and generate CityGML data, some of which will represent the geography of Manchester’s Oxford Road Corridor, the innovation district for Manchester’s EC-funded Triangulumproject.

Triangulum is focused on replicable smart city solutions and frameworks relating to sustainable energy, mobility and ICT. A range of low-carbon technologies have been implemented in the Oxford Road Corridor, and OS is sponsoring this challenge in collaboration with both Manchester City Council and the OGC to support the incubation of mobility and energy innovations.



The sponsors would like to encourage configuring visualisation software tools to support CityGML, and making the resulting environment, including the Manchester data, available for a year for wider use and including for mobility and energy innovation.

The expectation is that this visualisation will operate from a database representation of the City Model that conforms to the CityGML conceptual model, and will not be not dependent on any of the CityGML encodings.

Additional data will be loaded or directly accessed from APIs.

The assumption is that one or more web services will provide that data to visualisation clients in browsers, mobile devices, and augmented reality / virtual reality equipment.



Requirements document



  • £5,000 prize money

  • Solution showcased at OGC Technical Meetings and to form part of the Manchester Innovation Challenge

All questions and expressions of interest in participating in the challenge should be directed to info [at]



11 June - Challenge Launch at the OGC CityGML Hackathon (register your interest)

24 - 27th June - OGC TCPC, Leuven, Belgium

30 June - All the Manchester data will be available, as well as other data to lay over the model

August tbd - Webinar for interested participants

1 October - All submissions must be complete

24 October - Demonstration event in person in Manchester with winner to be selected on this day

18 November - OGC TC/PC Meetings in France (winner to present in the Opening Plenary)

27-28 November - Manchester City Council launch of Innovation Challenge, for which the winner's visualisation will be a key resource.